Born In The Wrong Era


Sometimes I wonder if I was suppose to be born in the 1920’s or something. And here are my reasons

1. I am a pipe smoker. I absolutely love smoking a pipe! I would pick that over smoking anything else. Even hookah! When I smoke a pipe I feel golden.

2. Vinyl records and turn tables amaze me. I love listening to old and new vinyls. It’s something that I’ve always been interested in but just started collecting about 2 years ago.

3. I’m interested in learning how to straight razor shave. This old way of shaving is also a very new age thing as well. Much like pipe smoking and vinyl listening, it will never die. I bought my first razor last summer but can’t seem to get it sharp enough to shave with. (I bought it at a flea market..) I just ordered a nice inexpensive one just to give it a shot. I’m sure I will be blogging about that first experience soon.

4. Not really a reason but a funny story. My lovely girlfriend and I were suppose to go dancing last Valentines Day, but ended up not due to other complications… Anyways… While we were getting ready and as she was putting a feather in her hair, I made the comment, “I forgot my pocket watch!” she laughed and said ” I think we were born in the wrong era…”

There is just something about the “old days” that I like…


Captain Black and Reason For This Blog


In most cases, when somebody is introduced to pipe smoking, their first tobacco blend that they try is a drug store blend like Captain Black or Prince Albert. Something cheap. For me that is not the case. I’ve been a pipe smoker for about 3 1/2 years and I am currently smoking my first bowl of Captain Black Gold. Let me say, it really isn’t a bad blend. When I opened up the bag, I smelt play dough, not something you would smell in a tobacco, but this has a pretty good smell and a pretty decent flavor. It’s very moist and still stays lit fairly well. I would definitely recommend this blend to anyone wanting to pick up the hobby.

Back when myspace was cool, I really enjoyed blogging and I’m starting to miss it, so I thought I’d give this wordpress a shot. Not only will I be blogging about tobaccos and pipes, I will also share what is going on in my life.

I guess with that, Happy Smoking