For about a year now, I have been very interested in shaving with a straight razor.  My first razor I picked up was at a flea market and tried everything I could to get it sharpened.  It was just so dull i think I would have to send it away to get professionally honed.  Instead of taking that route, I found a decent razor on Amazon for under $20 where I can switch out the blade.  I’ve shaved this way twice now and there is something about it that just makes me feel relaxed.  Like everything else, I believe this way of shaving is also an art.  

I had started a different routine during my last shave that helped me enjoy the hobby much more.  While shaving I also had a pipe packed and a beer popped and between passes I would take a few puffs from my pipe, and a couple drinks, all this while listening to my good friend Ryan’s album.  I felt more than relaxed.  There is nothing better than enjoying the simple things in life, like a good shave, a cool smoke, and some heart-filled tunes written by your best friend.