About a couple months ago my girl, Janine, had to say farewell to her grandpa as he went to his final resting place. This hasn’t really hit me yet until just recently. I wasn’t able to go to the viewing or the funeral, and I never got the chance to say good-bye and my heart is heavy because of this.

He was a sweet old man, and welcomed me with open arms and treated me as if I was one of his grandkids. We had quite a bit in common, from being a Bears and Notre Dame fan to both being pipe smokers. We always had a lot to talk about, and I loved hearing his stories.

He’d always tell me his favorite tobacco was Captain Black 457 mixture (i think i got the numbers wrong) and how he and his friends would call the general store and ask if they had prince albert in a can, and if they said “yes” then he would say, “well you better let him out!” 🙂

It was really awesome seeing all his old pipes that he still kept, even though he didn’t smoke anymore, I knew he wanted to light one up with me. He always said once he turned 80 he would smoke again… :’)