I have ignored this blog for over a year now, mainly because I had forgotten about it.  I’ve decided I’d like to start blogging again, I’ve kinda sorta hit a rough patch, and I’d like a way to relieve some stress, or maybe even share some ideas and take my mind off things.

Lately, I have been questioning who my real friends are.  I have been blessed with many close and dear friends, but some of them like to go behind my back to unintentionally hurt me, hoping I will never find out.  And honestly, I could give two shits about those “friends.”  Friends are suppose to be there for you when you’re hurt, and they randomly call you just to see how you’re doing.  Never to stab you in the back.

Most of you know I am very active in the cigar/pipe smoking community.  I have met many  friends. Good, genuine people who are interested in a hobby I am fascinated with.  I feel like I’ve known these groups of people longer then my school friends that I’ve known for years!

I guess I just value friendship more than most people.  I hope to keep the close friends I have now for a long time.