I have been so emotional lately, I’m still struggling to find some peace with Dodge dying… Every time I see a picture or a video of someone else’s dog, it reminds me so much of him and I lose it. I like to believe there is a heaven for both humans and pets to be together in some afterlife. Why
would God give us animals to love and become attached to, just for a short period of time and we not see them again? Just doesn’t make sense…

I also don’t like how fast my baby sister is growing up. 1 more year and she’ll be out of high school! I really didn’t start thinking about this till the other day. I always listen to music from my phone through an FM transmitter, and when it’s off all you hear is static from the radio. But I was picking up the next station over and it was faintly playing a song and I recognized it. It was the song Kaycee danced to during her Art of Praise number at her last recital. I changed the station so I could hear it better without the static, and I just pictured her dancing, and I teared up just like the day at her recital. Then I was reminded that next year is her last year dancing.

I’m finding out the older I get, the harder it is to cope with change… I understand how my parents felt when I moved out for the first time.