God is Love, and Love is Real

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Lord, I’ve been foolish…

So much shit has happened to me in the last few months, and so many times I doubted my faith, and I doubted my God. All this time He had my back, and for the first time in months, I felt his presence. I wish I could learn to praise Him when things go south. It’s just much easier to say “Thank you God…” When things are going your way.


Growing old isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

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I have been so emotional lately, I’m still struggling to find some peace with Dodge dying… Every time I see a picture or a video of someone else’s dog, it reminds me so much of him and I lose it. I like to believe there is a heaven for both humans and pets to be together in some afterlife. Why
would God give us animals to love and become attached to, just for a short period of time and we not see them again? Just doesn’t make sense…

I also don’t like how fast my baby sister is growing up. 1 more year and she’ll be out of high school! I really didn’t start thinking about this till the other day. I always listen to music from my phone through an FM transmitter, and when it’s off all you hear is static from the radio. But I was picking up the next station over and it was faintly playing a song and I recognized it. It was the song Kaycee danced to during her Art of Praise number at her last recital. I changed the station so I could hear it better without the static, and I just pictured her dancing, and I teared up just like the day at her recital. Then I was reminded that next year is her last year dancing.

I’m finding out the older I get, the harder it is to cope with change… I understand how my parents felt when I moved out for the first time.

Music In The Making

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I’ve been strumming around a bit, and writing down every idea that pops into my head.

Stay tuned