Year End Reviews!

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Last year I started making top 5’s of my favorite tobaccos, cigars, etc. on my YouTube channel.  I decide to make it an annual thing and wanted to blog it as well.

Top 5 Tobaccos

  1. Mississippi River
  2. Frog Morton Cellared
  3. Villager “Late Night”
  4. Dunhill 965
  5. Rattrays Black Malory

Top 5 Cigars

  1. Brickhouse/Brickhouse Maduro
  2. Kristoff
  3. Undercrown
  4. Geurka Wicked Indie
  5. Acid Kuba Maduro

Top 5 Beers

(this doesn’t include the 20+ home brews I tried at the Kosciusko Kettleheads tasting, or the countless number of brews Buckley gave me, or the awesome beers I tried from the home brewers at cigar club, those trump any of these 5)

  1. Moosehead
  2. Newcastle Brown Ale
  3. Blue Moon “Pumpkin Harvest”
  4. Ranger
  5. Strohs

Top 10 Bands and Albums

(these are the bands and albums I listened to non stop throughout 2012)

  1. For Today “Portraits” “Immortal”
  2. Oh, Sleeper “Son of the Morning” “Children of Fire”
  3. Mumford and Sons “Sigh No More” “Babel”
  4. The Chariot “Long Live”
  5. mewithoutYou “Catch For Us The Foxes”
  6. Manchester Orchestra “Simple Math” “Mean Everything To Nothing”
  7. Memphis May Fire “The Hollow” “The Challenger”
  8. Brand New “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me”
  9. Four Year Strong “Enemy Of The World”
  10. Norma Jean “O’ God The Aftermath” “Redeemer”

Top 5 Movies

  1. Lawless
  2. Pitch Perfect
  3. The Dark Knight Rises
  4. 21 Jump Street
  5. Dark Shadows

Honorable Mention:  Ted

A more detailed description of these lists will be uploaded on my channel. Have a blessed 2013!



Good-bye To A Friend..

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About a couple months ago my girl, Janine, had to say farewell to her grandpa as he went to his final resting place. This hasn’t really hit me yet until just recently. I wasn’t able to go to the viewing or the funeral, and I never got the chance to say good-bye and my heart is heavy because of this.

He was a sweet old man, and welcomed me with open arms and treated me as if I was one of his grandkids. We had quite a bit in common, from being a Bears and Notre Dame fan to both being pipe smokers. We always had a lot to talk about, and I loved hearing his stories.

He’d always tell me his favorite tobacco was Captain Black 457 mixture (i think i got the numbers wrong) and how he and his friends would call the general store and ask if they had prince albert in a can, and if they said “yes” then he would say, “well you better let him out!” 🙂

It was really awesome seeing all his old pipes that he still kept, even though he didn’t smoke anymore, I knew he wanted to light one up with me. He always said once he turned 80 he would smoke again… :’)


Been Kinda Busy…

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Soo its been a long while since my last post. I just recently moved into my own place.  It a real nice and roomy mobile home around Chapman Lake, IN.  In my latest video on youtube I gave my subscribers a little tour after enjoying a smoke and giving a little update.

Tomorrow I start my new position on second shift.  Starting to get kind of nervous, I hope to sleep well tonight and enjoy a smoke before I go in.  With this shift change I am hoping to be able to find more time for blogging and youtube videos.

Captain Black and Reason For This Blog


In most cases, when somebody is introduced to pipe smoking, their first tobacco blend that they try is a drug store blend like Captain Black or Prince Albert. Something cheap. For me that is not the case. I’ve been a pipe smoker for about 3 1/2 years and I am currently smoking my first bowl of Captain Black Gold. Let me say, it really isn’t a bad blend. When I opened up the bag, I smelt play dough, not something you would smell in a tobacco, but this has a pretty good smell and a pretty decent flavor. It’s very moist and still stays lit fairly well. I would definitely recommend this blend to anyone wanting to pick up the hobby.

Back when myspace was cool, I really enjoyed blogging and I’m starting to miss it, so I thought I’d give this wordpress a shot. Not only will I be blogging about tobaccos and pipes, I will also share what is going on in my life.

I guess with that, Happy Smoking