Year End Reviews

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I may be a little late for this one but I always try to make a list of things that I thought were really great over the last year.

Top 10 Cigars of 2014
1: Herrera Estelli Lancero
2: Partagas No. 4
3: Tatujae Brown Lancero
4: BOTL 2013 Lancero
5: Liga Privada Dirty Rat
6: Herrera Estelli Norteno
7: Crown Heads Jericho Hill
8: AJ Fernandez New World
9: Joya Petite Corona (18 months)
10: Oliva V Lancero

Top Bands That I Started Listening To In 2014
1: ’68
2: Chuck Ragen
3: Lucero
4: The Homeless Gospel Choir
5: Being As An Ocean
6: Beach Slang
7: Aadia
8: Chumped
9: Sleepwave
10: The Snarks

Favorite Live Shows Of 2014
1: Listener
2: ’68
3: Ryan Kerr
4: Pink Balloon Band
5: Haste The Day
6: Beach Slang
7: Chumped
8: The Homeless Gospel Choir
9: Jake Simons and The Little Ghosts
10: Hampshire

Top Beers of 2014
1: Two Hearted Ale
2: Arrogant Bastard
3: Dragon’s Milk
4: Lagunitas Little Sumpin
5: Lagunitas IPA
6: Liz Watson’s Nutella Oatmeal Stout!
7: The Poet
8: Deadeye Stout
9: Rail Splitter
10: Narwhal


It’s Been Awhile…

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I have ignored this blog for over a year now, mainly because I had forgotten about it.  I’ve decided I’d like to start blogging again, I’ve kinda sorta hit a rough patch, and I’d like a way to relieve some stress, or maybe even share some ideas and take my mind off things.

Lately, I have been questioning who my real friends are.  I have been blessed with many close and dear friends, but some of them like to go behind my back to unintentionally hurt me, hoping I will never find out.  And honestly, I could give two shits about those “friends.”  Friends are suppose to be there for you when you’re hurt, and they randomly call you just to see how you’re doing.  Never to stab you in the back.

Most of you know I am very active in the cigar/pipe smoking community.  I have met many  friends. Good, genuine people who are interested in a hobby I am fascinated with.  I feel like I’ve known these groups of people longer then my school friends that I’ve known for years!

I guess I just value friendship more than most people.  I hope to keep the close friends I have now for a long time.

Year End Reviews!

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Last year I started making top 5’s of my favorite tobaccos, cigars, etc. on my YouTube channel.  I decide to make it an annual thing and wanted to blog it as well.

Top 5 Tobaccos

  1. Mississippi River
  2. Frog Morton Cellared
  3. Villager “Late Night”
  4. Dunhill 965
  5. Rattrays Black Malory

Top 5 Cigars

  1. Brickhouse/Brickhouse Maduro
  2. Kristoff
  3. Undercrown
  4. Geurka Wicked Indie
  5. Acid Kuba Maduro

Top 5 Beers

(this doesn’t include the 20+ home brews I tried at the Kosciusko Kettleheads tasting, or the countless number of brews Buckley gave me, or the awesome beers I tried from the home brewers at cigar club, those trump any of these 5)

  1. Moosehead
  2. Newcastle Brown Ale
  3. Blue Moon “Pumpkin Harvest”
  4. Ranger
  5. Strohs

Top 10 Bands and Albums

(these are the bands and albums I listened to non stop throughout 2012)

  1. For Today “Portraits” “Immortal”
  2. Oh, Sleeper “Son of the Morning” “Children of Fire”
  3. Mumford and Sons “Sigh No More” “Babel”
  4. The Chariot “Long Live”
  5. mewithoutYou “Catch For Us The Foxes”
  6. Manchester Orchestra “Simple Math” “Mean Everything To Nothing”
  7. Memphis May Fire “The Hollow” “The Challenger”
  8. Brand New “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me”
  9. Four Year Strong “Enemy Of The World”
  10. Norma Jean “O’ God The Aftermath” “Redeemer”

Top 5 Movies

  1. Lawless
  2. Pitch Perfect
  3. The Dark Knight Rises
  4. 21 Jump Street
  5. Dark Shadows

Honorable Mention:  Ted

A more detailed description of these lists will be uploaded on my channel. Have a blessed 2013!


Back to School, Back to School, to prove to dadda I’m not a fool…

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Soo.. Been thinking about going back to school for awhile now, and I’m finally deciding to do it! I’m starting part time on Monday taking a couple classes in the evening, getting my general classes out of the way with English and some stupid first year seminar. Another cool thing is that finally after 4 years of 2nd and 3rd shifts I’m finally on 1st! Doing a different job than what I’d like, but at least I can live like a normal person!

Straight Razor Shaving: A Forgotten Art

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For about a year now, I have been very interested in shaving with a straight razor.  My first razor I picked up was at a flea market and tried everything I could to get it sharpened.  It was just so dull i think I would have to send it away to get professionally honed.  Instead of taking that route, I found a decent razor on Amazon for under $20 where I can switch out the blade.  I’ve shaved this way twice now and there is something about it that just makes me feel relaxed.  Like everything else, I believe this way of shaving is also an art.  

I had started a different routine during my last shave that helped me enjoy the hobby much more.  While shaving I also had a pipe packed and a beer popped and between passes I would take a few puffs from my pipe, and a couple drinks, all this while listening to my good friend Ryan’s album.  I felt more than relaxed.  There is nothing better than enjoying the simple things in life, like a good shave, a cool smoke, and some heart-filled tunes written by your best friend.


Born In The Wrong Era


Sometimes I wonder if I was suppose to be born in the 1920’s or something. And here are my reasons

1. I am a pipe smoker. I absolutely love smoking a pipe! I would pick that over smoking anything else. Even hookah! When I smoke a pipe I feel golden.

2. Vinyl records and turn tables amaze me. I love listening to old and new vinyls. It’s something that I’ve always been interested in but just started collecting about 2 years ago.

3. I’m interested in learning how to straight razor shave. This old way of shaving is also a very new age thing as well. Much like pipe smoking and vinyl listening, it will never die. I bought my first razor last summer but can’t seem to get it sharp enough to shave with. (I bought it at a flea market..) I just ordered a nice inexpensive one just to give it a shot. I’m sure I will be blogging about that first experience soon.

4. Not really a reason but a funny story. My lovely girlfriend and I were suppose to go dancing last Valentines Day, but ended up not due to other complications… Anyways… While we were getting ready and as she was putting a feather in her hair, I made the comment, “I forgot my pocket watch!” she laughed and said ” I think we were born in the wrong era…”

There is just something about the “old days” that I like…